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'Diversity, inclusivity and Equality. Isn't it all just about plain and simple humanity?'


Diversity is complex topic but at the heart of the issue is the need to achieve a cultural shift in which brands and media must play their part. 

On July 12th we hosted a panel that explored the different attitudes towards difference and the role brands can play in recognising and valuing it. Ceri Rose, Stephen Lacey & Patricia Macauley all gave an insightful look at diversity in the media and brand and agency responsibilities

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'SXSW Download'


On March 28th 2018 we hosted 'SXSW Download. A huge 'thank you' to our wonderful speakers at the event! Susan Poole, Head of Strategy at 23red gave a great review of her highlights from SXSW including discussing the exciting AI, AR and VR developments that were on display.

Then @RobertBelgrave & @jimbowes recreated their 'The Best is Yet to Come, Digital Renaissance' talk where they delved into the idea that thanks to advancements in technology there is a potential for a future where humans are free to live life to the full and get creative.


'Behaviour Change and AI. Panacea or Plain Creepy?'

On February 1st 2018 we hosted 'Behaviour Change and AI: Panacea or Plain Creepy?'  which was a huge success! Many thanks to our brilliant and inspiring speakers and to all those who attended.


Behaviour change interventions are designed to work around built in biases and human fallacies. But people are adept at avoiding change and sustained changes are hard to achieve.

Is AI the panacea that means we can now create behaviour change interventions that adapt instantly to keep participants on track easier than before? Conversely, can behaviour change help to develop AI that works with our predictably irrational human minds, not a logical computerised mind?



'Effectiveness for Social Good'

On Oct 12th 2017 we hosted an Effectiveness for Social Good event as part of #EFFWeek.

This session explored the challenges and best practise for measuring effectiveness of social good marketing, from advertising to partnership.


The panel features Susan Poole, Head of Strategy at 23red; Peter Buckley, Head of Strategy at MEC; Dr  Nigel Shardlow, Head of Planning at Sandtable and Helen Hampton, Deputy Director Partnerships – Marketing at Public Health England.

The session also included highlights from the Gold IPA Effectiveness Award case for Stoptober, as well as insight into measuring outcomes and impact with the government evaluation framework. Thank you to everyone who came along and to our wonderful speakers!


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