Supporting simple changes towards a longer and happier life

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The idea:
Because there's only...One You

In collaboration with: OgilvyOne / MEC / M&C Saatchi / Freud Communications / Carat and Kantar


One You is a new, nationwide Public Health England (PHE) initiative. It's aim is to encourage adults to rethink their lifestyle choices and gives them the support they need to make positive changes to their diets, activity levels and overall wellbeing.

Since its launch, we’ve worked closely with One You. Through huge interactive campaigns, to localised efforts, together we’re helping everyone change their behaviour for good. Here are just some of the ways we’ve brought One You and Partners together to look after the nation’s health:

Launching One You

To launch One You, we worked with a number of popular partners, offering everyone the encouragement and support they needed to change their habits.

We introduced 4,000 of Slimming World’s (the UK’s largest group-based commercial weight loss organisations) to the One You initiative, helping them give even more support to their members.

We also wanted to give people a greater understanding of their overall health, so we worked closely with Asda to provide free blood pressure tests and heavily discounted blood pressure monitors in 255 of their pharmacies. We also sent monitors to employers nationwide – including Travis Perkins and Crossrail – along with One You toolkits that encouraged employees to sign up for a 4-week workplace challenge.

Alongside all of this activity, we wanted to make it easy for everyone to shop health-related items, so we worked with to create an ‘always on’ One You branded health hub: the first of its kind.

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One You was featured in 7,500 sites on the high street and across the community whilst Boots distributed 150,000 co-branded health measures throughout their network.

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The results

20,610 redemptions of the Slimming World countdown offer

Pharmacies helped to distribute over 175,000 conversation starters

In Asda 1,861 people received a blood pressure test, with a significant increase in blood pressure monitor purchases


An eye on your heart

Every year, 130,000 adults die as a result of cardiovascular disease (including stroke). Blood pressure is a key indicator of your likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease later in life. The ‘Heart Age’ campaign from One You lets you know how old your heart is in comparison to your actual age.

Our challenge was to drive people to the Heart Age Test – a quick and easy online tool which shares your actual heart age after a few simple questions. The test gives you pointers on how to lower your heart age by making changes to your diet, drinking and smoking habits and exercise routine.

We spread the word about the tool digitally, via social and at point of sale, working closely with local authorities, pharmacies and relevant charities, encouraging people to take the test. 

Tying Shoelaces.jpg

The results

Over 250,000 completions of the Heart Age Test online with 4 million impressions amongst the at-risk audience


Getting Britain moving

Physical inactivity is a major cause of disease for adults in the UK. Over 6 million adults aged 40 to 60 do not achieve 10 minutes of continuous brisk walking over the course of a month. One You set out to change that.  

The ‘Active 10’ app helped adults track the number of minutes walked each day and offered encouragement to get out the house and walking. We promoted the app with an interactive campaign in major cities across the UK.

Interactive billboards engaged adults and then asked them to walk briskly for 10 minutes. Using an app, we were able to track the time and distance each participant walked. If they arrived at the designated Boots after 10 minutes, their efforts were rewarded with a free Boots Meal Deal. 

We supported the campaign with PR, social and experiential activity, and even got key influencers Eamonn Holmes and Dr Hilary Jones to spread the word.  



The results

3180 Active 10 Minutes walked  

180,000 Facebook Live views of the Active 10 activity

Over 387,339 Active 10 App downloads

A total of 364,000 impacts across all media


The One You Launch won Silver and Bronze at the IPM Awards, whilst the Active 10 'Walk Your Way To a FREE Lunch' promotion won in the Innovation category of Ocean Outdoor's Creative competition.