Helping Network Rail to deliver the Railway Upgrade Plan


Rail passenger numbers have doubled in the last twenty years. And are set to double again in the next twenty-five. With demand souring, Network Rail have embarked on the most ambitious modernisation programme since the Victorian era.

We’re helping to build awareness, communicate benefits and manage travel demand across numerous upgrade programmes in all corners of the country.

The Waterloo and South West Upgrade

The idea: Down The Line

In the last 20 years, the number of passenger journeys on the lines in and out of Waterloo have more than doubled to 234 million. We helped Network Rail and South West Trains to deliver an £800 million investment to create 30% more vitally needed space for passengers.

After naming the Waterloo and South West Upgrade, we developed a creative idea routed in the station’s geography, simply demonstrating that the work we do now will both impact the future AND not just Waterloo, but all the journeys within the south west region.

With a strategically planned messaging approach of distinct phases, we started a year out – reminding people to put the date in their diary and start considering alternatives. Then, during the course of the year, we dialled up the immediacy, using a huge variety of touch-points to reinforce our message. 


One idea. Three phases of messaging.


By the final phase, we had X approval.

Delivering 97% awareness across the programme


With three central London stations shut over the same period of time, we prompted travellers to consider other options – a plan B.

The insistency of the language increased as the closures got nearer, from subtle prompt to direct action.


Insight tracking showed 52% national awareness of our campaign, 98% Southeastern passenger awareness and 44% behaviour change among targeted passengers



The idea: From the small to the big

From East to West we helped Network Rail to communicate their part in CrossRail with targeted communications, experiential activity and social media.

A simple creative construct allowed for multiple messages within a strong and dynamic graphic style.


From Reading to
Abbey Wood

Experiential activity engaged thousands of travellers across multiple mainline and underground stations.