Making drinking responsibly into an easy, fun and delicious activity


The idea:
Find your perfect Mocktail – with MixLab

Central to Bacardi Limited's 'Champions Drink Responsibly' campaign are 'Mocktails' – the enjoyable alcohol free alternatives to cocktails. We understood that in order to enable people to take time out from drinking and pace themselves, non-alchoholic drinks needed to be more accessible and distinctive. 


To do this we created MixLab, a mixology tool that gives you over 90 delicious 'Mocktail' recipes at the tip of your fingers. Developed as a creative platform for non-alcoholic mixology it came to life in a variety of ways, giving the Champions Drink Responsibly campaign a practical way to enable responsible drinking all over the world.


MixLab started as a collaboration with leading Bacardi mixologists to create a distinctive menu of over 90 different non-alcoholic drinks



We made it accessible anywhere through a responsive web-based app


The MixLab web app was designed to act as a virtual barman, offering the same experience that you’d get if you walked into a bar. It guides the user through the ‘Mocktail’ selection process, giving helpful and relevant information along the way.



We created content that made mixology more accessible with simple hacks

People think making Mocktails requires specialist equipment that's expensive to purchase. However it's possible to make the majority of our Mocktails from items in your kitchen cupboard.

So we showed people how to simplify complex techniques and gave them handy hints on mixology – whether it's getting the right shake or making the perfect garnish.


We made it into social content that engaged the audience at key times

Across Instagram, Facebook and YouTube we used MixLab as a platform to make Mocktails an aspirational alternative to alcohol that could be easily made in any environment and with accessible ingredients.


This was the first extensive non-alcoholic drinks menu created
by Bacardi Limited and was used extensively upon launch – from all over the world, with an average of 1250 Mocktails being discovered every month subsequently.


The 'Champions Drink Responsibly' campaign was awarded the Global Brand Strategy of the Year at the Drum Marketing Awards, as well as being shortlisted at the DADI Social Media Awards.

It also won the award for Best International Communication at the European Excellence Awards.