Bringing communities together to share food, friendship and fun


The idea: The Little Land of Big Lunches

On the first weekend in June each year, more than 6 million people take part in The Big Lunch. An initiative that brings people together to share friendship, food and fun, so that neighbours can get to know one another and communities can thrive.   

We needed to raise awareness of what The Big Lunch is, and what they can look like, demonstrating how easy it can be to organise a Big Lunch, encouraging more people to participate in hosting their own locally.


We created a miniature village, The Little Land of Big Lunches, which represents a diverse range of Big Lunches based on six real case studies. To enhance engagement the model villages include audio recordings of the case studies so that people can be inspired by their experiences and the lasting effects each of the Big Lunches had on them and their wider communities.

The events are fully branded and a mixture of staff and volunteers are on hand with inspiring ideas, encouraging people to sign up to receive a free organiser’s pack that will set them on their way to holding their own Big Lunch.

Each of the audio case studies were compiled by Eden Project, alongside footage of the model, to broaden the idea across social media.


All photography courtesy of Eden Project


The Little Land of Big Lunches was built with help of Create Productions. It started in London, then moved on to Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, Belfast and Nottingham.