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Race Online 2012

The Challenge

How DO you get ‘non-liners’ online?


Our Solution

By creating a dedicated brand, to which 10 million "non-liner" citizens could relate. "Non-liners" are a sceptical audience who either don’t know how to use the internet, or don’t see the advantages of doing so.

The brand idea had to be simple, motivating, enthusiastic, and not techie: “Go ON” was perfect. The name and graphic identity was universally liked, and it sat perfectly with our campaign strapline, “Get more out of life online”.

We then approached some of the world’s biggest internet-based companies to help raise awareness of Go ON. Google and Microsoft promptly lent their support. Next we gave the campaign a distinctive identity together with a set of characters for the audience to interact and identify with.

At the end of 2010, we helped launch the campaign to some of the internet industry’s biggest players, having donated all the work and the agency’s time and resources to Race Online 2012. Martha Lane-Fox was the first to stand up on stage and acknowledge our commitment and contribution.

Race Online 2012 was originally a not-for-profit organisation, spearheaded by the former Lastminute.com founder Martha Lane-Fox. Now it's a charity that has adopted Go ON as its name with the identity and positioning 23red created.

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