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Champions Drink Responsibly

Bacardi Limited

The Challenge

How DO you get legal drinking age consumers to sit up and take notice of being encouraged to drink responsibly?

Champions Drink Responsibly

Our Solution

The creative idea was “Champions Drink Responsibly” (CDR) and the execution involved using a global celebrity from the world of sport to be the role model, and the vehicle for delivering it. The inaugural spokesperson was Michael Schumacher, then Formula 1 World Racing Champion.

The consumer insights underpinning the idea were firstly that responsible drinking messages were more likely to be taken on board if they were presented in a positive as opposed to a "finger-wagging" manner. Secondly, these messages would gain more traction if they were in some way aspirational and could generate peer group approval for an individual behaving sensibly.

Encouraged by the success of the campaign, Rafael Nadal, ten times tennis Grand Slam Winner, was chosen as the second Bacardi ambassador to emphasise the sociability of responsible drinking, and widen the range of messages beyond the initial focus on drink driving.

For this second iteration of CDR there was a much greater emphasis on online social media to get the target audience to engage practically. A strong community has been formed on the CDR Facebook page which now has over 1 million "Likes".

To promote the CDR Facebook page 23red also created a hugely successful online game – Ace Rafa, which challenged players to use our special serving robot RoboServ to "ace" star Rafael Nadal. Winners were chosen to meet Rafa in person and try and serve against him using the real life RoboServ.

Together Bacardi Limited and Rafa are helping people understand where the line is when it comes to drinking alcohol.

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